Niche Marketing Products – Where and How to Find Profitable Niche Products

When I look at testing a new niche, I find the niche (or group of people) first and then look for a product to promote to that group of people. I have found that some of the best places to find profitable niche marketing products are Clickbank for digital or download products and Commission Junction and Amazon for physical or shippable products.

So how do you tell if the product and niche market you are picking will be profitable

There is really no surefire way to know. A lot of times you just have to test it and see. However, I will give you my top guideline that should help you increase your chances of finding profitable niche marketing products.

Is there a demand for it?

It is much easier to sell a product that there is a demand for than to try and create a demand.

On Clickbank, the general rule of thumb is that the higher the gravity the higher the demand. This is a good rule of thumb for digital products on Clickbank, but what about physical products?

I actually love selling physical products. They usually have low return rates, and the right product can make you a lot of money. To find a physical product with high demand go to the forums where people in your niche hang out and look at what they are buying. Then sell it to them.

This is exactly how I find niche marketing products that make me money. I hope it helps you too.