Network Marketing Products – 3 Quick Ways to Identify a Winning Network Marketing Product

The question on the table is how do I know if the network marketing products or services my company is marketing are winners or certain losers. Everyone when they join their company believes their product is the next great winner. Obviously that is not true because hundreds of companies go out of business each year. If you will open your mind there are 3 quick identifiers to know if you have a winner or a loser. 

1. You need to look at the market. Do people even want to buy this stuff? Before you give me the company line and say everybody wants these things look at the market place and see for yourself. Remember every company says their network marketing products are the best in the world. 

2.  You need to look at the price point – Once you establish that there is a market the question needs to be asked, are people willing to pay what your company is charging for these products? Sometimes network marketing products and services can be more expensive than similar products in the store. A simple note to remember is if people can find a similar product, less expensive than yours, they will often buy it. 

3.  The last question to ask is would you use this product if there was no compensation attached to it. Many times you will find the only people using the products and services of a company are the reps in the company. Many are doing it to qualify for there commissions. If that is you and most of the people in the company then run because that product will not last.