Choose the Right Affiliate Marketing Products If You Expect to Make a Good Income

Although some other affiliate marketers may disagree with me, I think your choice of affiliate marketing products will determine your success to an equal degree on how good you are at marketing. Look, certain companies just have much better affiliate programs,

They are willing to pay their affiliates more. Their average sale is higher. They pay lifetime income. They have responsive affiliate managers, and the list goes on. Some companies — unfortunately most of them out there — have completely mediocre programs and products.

Most people start with the training side first — say to themselves, for example “I want to master the art and science of Pay-per-click” — and worry about what products they’ll promote later. I reverse this tendency completely.

Start By Determining Your Niche

When I do affiliate marketing, I identify the markets first and then craft my marketing around how to dominate that niche. After I identify the markets, my next step is to find the best affiliate marketing products for that market. A lot of thought goes into this part.

I believe in promoting only the best products so I can feel good about what I’m representing. I also only promote the companies that most fairly compensate the affiliates. And you know what I discovered that’s interesting? It’s often the companies that do have the best products that also have the best compensation from their affiliate programs.

Is this just a coincidence? I don’t think so! I think the reason is it all stems from the same philosophy. Meaning, these companies produce the best products because they want their customers to get genuine value. And, likewise, these companies are ethically consistent by rolling out the best affiliate programs so their affiliates get the most income opportunity in promoting the products. Anyway, that’s certainly been my experience.

I know a lot of affiliates who really don’t spend too much time considering what affiliate marketing products they’ll promote. They just jump from one to the next trying to make a fast buck here and there. That’s not my style. And I don’t think it should be yours either. My style is to really get to know the companies I work with. I study them. I contact them. I build relationships with them. I get to know the founders if I can or the higher ups in charge of making the big decisions.

I am interested in long term, not fleeting, partnerships with the companies and the affiliate marketing products I choose to promote. Business is all about relationships as far as I’m concerned. I think a lot of affiliates really miss the boat here. They couldn’t care less about investigating the company. They are what I call “niche hoppers.” Constantly jumping from one market to the next. Some of these people can be successful, I won’t deny. But I don’t think it’s a good overall strategy.

That’s why in my own affiliate training program, we have carefully selected companies that I’ve established long term trusting relationships with that have top notch affiliate programs and those are the ones my students are instructed to successful promote.