4 Steps to Writing Internet Marketing Product Reviews

The Internet Marketing niche is one of the most competitive and profitable niches on the Internet. There is an Internet Marketing product that launches almost every week and since the demand is high for Internet Marketing products, one easy way to make some fast and extra income is through writing Internet Marketing product reviews for these products and promoting them as an affiliate.

So how do you get started in writing Internet Marketing product reviews? Here are a set of easy to follow steps that will show you how to write your review. You must now have signed up as an affiliate for a product launch.

The first step is do your research.

Pool together all the information you can get about the product starting with information that the product owner provides. If there is something you are unclear about or if you need more information, feel free to send the product owner an email. Most product owners are very helpful to their affiliates since the success of their affiliates ultimately is success of the product.

Make a list of the benefits buyers will get from the product. Benefits are specific effects or gains a buyer will get from using the product or using the information the product provides. This must not be confused with features or good points of the product. Speaking of good points, write down these good points or strengths and at the same time make a list of the negative or weak points.

An example of a benefit is, getting a number 1 spot on Google if the eBook teaches techniques how to get to the top of Google. Good points about the eBook can be the low price, or easy to understand step by step instructions. A negative side or weak point could be the lack of actual examples or case studies to prove or show that the techniques work.

Second step is to create a review outline.

The outline allows you structure the entire review. The most important elements of your review are the review title, the headline or first paragraph and the conclusion. The title grabs the reader’s attention and gives a hint of what to expect. The headline or first paragraph is a concise summary of the entire review and usually contains the what, why, and how about the product. It is typically in the first paragraph that a reader decides to continue reading or not. Finally, the last paragraph is where you present your own conclusion, your opinion about the product.

Next step is to write your review.

Create a title that grabs attention. Next step is to write a powerful headline that gives readers all the information they need about the product, sets the tone for the rest of the review and sets readers’ expectations. The body of the article is where you provide specific details, here is where you put in the pros and cons.

Final step is to write a strong close.

The last paragraph presents your conclusion. Here you present your thoughts about the product, and here is where a lot of writers fail in their review. Remember this very important point when writing the last paragraph. Regardless of your conclusion being positive or negative, in the last paragraph you need to tell the reader to check out the product through a call to action link. It is important that the reader clicks the link to go to the sales page of the product. They need to be on the sales page to make the decision to buy or not, and they will likely make that decision on their own since your review is not meant to convince but to present all sides of the story and help them make a well informed purchase decision.

When you master this art of writing Internet Marketing product reviews you will notice your click through rates to the sales page increase and if the product sales page does its job well, you will find that this leads to an increase in affiliate commissions for that product as well.